Educational Outreach

Growing Awareness of the Tree of Utah as an Educational Resource for the State

Public schools in the Salt Lake area are beginning to take advantage of the educational value of the Tree of Utah as a prime example of Bauhaus inspired Constructivist architecture – opening up the world of Geometric Abstraction for their students. Patti White a local educator completed a thrilling term-long project for her students at Morningside Elementary School:

“Our celebration for Karl Momen’s life began as my class each year would drive by the Tree of Utah on our way to the Salt Flats to watch the race cars. We wanted to know more about the artist Karl Momen and what the Tree represented. The students started researching his life and made PowerPoint presentations to share. They went into all the classrooms and taught the students at Morningside Elementary about his life. The PTA got involved and each classroom of students made a piece of art that represented his style. In our dance class we danced about the art shapes and what the tree meant to the students. Then finally the school was adorned with over four hundred pieces of art that students had created. The hallways were a-buzz with students and teachers talking about Karl Momen. Then our celebration continued with a parent night, to show off the students’ artwork. It was a night to remember. Thank you Karl Momen for giving us the Tree of Utah, it is truly a gift of love and a Utah treasure set out on the canvas of the Utah Salt Flats!”

Patti White 6th grade teacher at Morningside Elementary now a System Support Coach for Granite School District.

Students’ Dance and Movement Interpretation for the Tree of Utah

School-wide Tribute to Karl Momen and his Art

Karl Momen Video from Patti white on Vimeo.

Students' Slide Presentation on Karl Momen's Art

Students’ Slide Presentation on Karl Momen’s Art

Students’ Slide Presentation on Karl Momen’s Art